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APA Monitor on Psychology

According to their website, around 90 percent have Doctoral degrees, over 70 percent have over 10 years of experience in the field, and almost 60 percent hold a state license and/ or are certified. Around 54 percent deliver health services, 32 percent are independent practice, and 31 percent are in academia. The gender breakdown is 57.1 percent male and 42.3 percent female. The age breakdown is: 24.3 percent between the ages of 30-44 and 25.8 percent between the ages of 45-59. The racial breakdown is: 57.4 percent white and 5.8 percent minorities. Most of their readers specialize in health service provider subfields, about 55 percent. And 11.9 percent specialize in research and other psychology subfields. The salaries for their readers range from (on average): $71,475- $94,261. So their audience is mostly older, white males who make just below $100,000 a year and have been in the industry for over 10 years and have a Doctoral degree. Their first two ads are about renewing their membership and downloading their app. There’s several advertisements for other APA created educational/ guide books like Play Interventions for Children. A final ad example is an ad for academicreview.com so it’s obvious they are also reaching for professors or those in the education field for psychology as well.

EDITORIAL PHILOSOPHY: The magazines focus is on the psychology field and articles that can relate to most members of the American Psychological Association. According to their information on SRDS, they also focus on legislation that “affects mental health, education and behavioral sciences.” They are not focused on differentiating from other magazines because it is a magazine that is given out to members of an organization.

EDITORIAL FORMULA: There is no specific order to the content but the logic behind it is to have content that relates to and will interest their members/ readers. The type of content revolves around relevant happenings and news in the broad field of psychology.

ORGANIZATION: American Psychological Association, who also publishes numerous journals on the different fields of psychology, owns the magazine. According to their website, they have exactly 20 people on staff.

The total pages for the March 2016 issue are exactly 97 pages. Majority of it is editorial content. There is about 10.5 pages of advertising because there are some half pages at the end of articles. One interesting thing about the magazine is that in the back for about 10 pages, there is a list of job opportunities in the field, which lists the job description and title and is categorized by the state the job is in.

EDITORIAL: The magazine’s editorial content matches its philosophy because the magazine keeps its members up to date with new happenings in the field and new studies. According to the information on SRDS, the magazine explores the “many facets of psychology” but also “comprehensive news of APA affairs; new appointments, meetings, and workshops; grants and awards; new publications; as well as information on upcoming conferences and workshops.” It provides content that is extremely relevant to their members’ work and provide content that their members would find most interesting and informative.

DESIGN: The design is very simple and easy to navigate and it also matches its audience by provided content specific to their members’ fields and advertisement that is relevant to their lifestyles and work. I think the best part of their content besides interesting articles, would be the open jobs across the country in the back. That must be really helpful to the members in APA who read the magazine.