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As a college student I don’t normally recommend a workout guide and meal plan to my friends because I think we all have more practical things to spend our money on.

So I’m not here to tell you to go spend some money but I am recommending you follow a personal trainer on Instagram & Twitter.

Kayla Itsines is now a global sensation! She’s been changing the lives of women everywhere! Her 24-week Bikini Body guide and nutrition guide has lead to massive fitness success stories.

Along with her Instagram, her blog gives women the advice and motivation they need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Kayla Itsines. (Photo from Instagram: @kayla_itsines) Kayla Itsines. (Photo from Instagram: @kayla_itsines)

I do not have her workout or nutrition guides. I do get the occasional email of a quick, free BBG workout but that is all. And yet she changed my life two years ago.

I no longer go…

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