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Today, writer Ramsey Flynn came to class to talk about his personal narrative “You haven’t lived until you’ve died”.

He gave advice on how to make a personal narrative interesting to your audience. He says the best way to pull a person into your personal narrative story is to start with the conflict and build it right away.

Next, throughout the story keep adding more twists to the conflict and never let your readers expect the ending. But lastly, always satisfy the conflict in the end.

Flynn also gave us advice on how to transform your experiences into a story to tell your readers. For his story he went back to all his surgeons and other nurses/ doctors who may have been around his procedure or have done a similar operation on someone else.

Flynn also interviewed all his family members, especially his wife, to get important details that he may not have remembered. He said he probably did between 80-100 interviews to get his story 100% right.

This particular story took him years to put together and to make everything factual and perfect.

After Flynn’s visit I am uncertain about my personal narrative topic and am trying to find another story in my life that could be better told and more interesting to my audience.

This class has been very helpful in the way of meeting experienced journalists and getting to know more about writing that does not come from a textbook.