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Last Wednesday my feature writing class met at the local Towson Fractured Prune. Our next assignment was to literally walk around York Rd and come up with at least four feature story ideas.

My first idea came even before I got to Fractured Prune. To meet my class on time I had to take my car to campus and park in a visitor’s spot. Parking at TU is always horrid and not only did I miss my 2 p.m. class but I also ended up with a $52 ticket. So, while on my way uptown I thought a really good feature story idea for Towson would be on metered/paid parking. Every time you want to go to Fractured Prune or Towson Hot Bagels and it’s not Sunday, you have to pay a little to park- if and when you’re lucky enough to find parking. However, paying for parking is not the only problem. If you have ever tried to go to the Trader Joe’s on Joppa Rd during normal hours you will never find a parking spot. Joe’s shares a tiny lot with Barnes & Noble, Pier 1 Imports and sometimes Bahama Breeze and Mall shoppers. Basically, the story would be about the insufficient parking in uptown Towson!

My second story idea came to me as I passed the Greene Turtle and the Real Thing. My next story would be a profile story on the Real Thing Owner, Tony Marwah. The Real Thing has been on York rd longer than the Greene Turtle and Tony is confident that the Greene Turtle brings him more business than before! “After everyone finishes drinking at their bar they come to me for food! I know I get their business so no, I’m not badly affected by the Turtle being next door.” he said. He is also not worried about the upcoming new restaurants for “Towson Square. “My customers know where I am and they know what I have.”

My third story idea came after I saw a sign about Torrent Night Club’s three day, one-year anniversary celebration this weekend. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 10 p.m. Torrent will be hosting an array of D.J’s and entertainers for their anniversary celebration. After looking up the events on Facebook I saw that over 50 people had already planned on going to at least one event! I would interview people who are going, people who went and employees of Torrent who have been here for the clubs entire year. Torrent is huge for Towson students so I think this would be a good feature story celebrating the anniversary and looking back on how the club did in its first year.

My fourth and final story idea revolves around the long awaited Nando’s PERi PERi and the construction of Towson Square. After plans were finalized two years ago construction immediately began on the amazing Cinemark and several new restaurants. Today only Nando’s and the Cinemark stand and I think a good feature story on how Nando’s is doing so far in Towson. For example, interviewing some Nando’s fanatics and owner of this specific Towson location. This Nando’s is the very first one in Baltimore County and only the third in the state. This company has come far out of South Africa and now has locations in over 30 countries. Nando’s is definitely an interesting spot and deserving of a feature story.