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We all know the U.S. has been trying to fight ISIL’s Islamic propaganda, and by now we’ve heard about the social media movement by Muslims called Not In My Name campaign to denounce ISIL, but how are these strategies stacking up against the propaganda war that ISIL is putting up?

Like the first article states, the U.S. has put out anti-ISIL accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr; however, I agree that the Department of State’s current effort is a mostly “too little, too late”.

In fact, these social media accounts that they created are probably only appealing to those who are extremely against not just ISIL, but Islam as well.

I think the best hope in countering ISIL’s “message of hate” is shown in this article. From the United Arab Emirates, this article best demonstrates how to successfully fight ISIL in its propaganda war.

As I have said before, this war is a war between Muslims. Completely inside the religion of Islam, and I do not think anything people or countries outside of Islam say against ISIL will help the ultimate goal of silencing/ stopping ISIL.

Sure the U.S. and other nations may want to continue their support for Iraqi and the Pershmerga forces, they should not however, continue to belittle the religion of Islam on national broadcast new shows like CNN. Ben Ferguson and Don Lemon, you guys completely represent the ignorance that needs to stop.

I’m not saying all non-Muslims should stop denouncing ISIL but that those who belittle Islam should stop. The world should unite against ISIL, not Islam.