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By now we have all heard about Obama saying “ISIL is not Islamic”. Whether you may have believed him or not, there are some Muslim organizations and movements that are denouncing ISIL and ISIL’s claim to be Islamic.

Last Wednesday, the Muslim World League met with top leaders of Christian and Jewish organizations in Vienna and together denounced ISIL’s actions against the religion and humanity.

All three Abrahamic religions came together to call out ISIL. There have been other instances of Muslims putting down the terrorist organization. Like the Not In My Name campaign online.

If you haven’t head about the “Not In My Name Campaign“, it is a social media movement of younger Muslim followers denouncing ISIL and their actions.

Many Muslims have condemned ISIL’s actions, but some Muslims refuse to condemn them.

While I do understand the opposing argument that some Muslims feel like condemning ISIL may be like condemning themselves. I cannot agree that Muslims should think “when you ask Muslims to condemn or denounce heinous actions, ideologies or groups what you’re saying is that you don’t trust any Muslim.” That’s honestly just taking an overly defensive view.

When Obama asks Muslim’s to do more in the way of condemning ISIL, he’s asking this to show that ISIL is not in fact Islamic! Not because Non-Muslim Americans think all Muslim-Americans agree with ISIL and will work for ISIL inside the US.

I believe Muslims publicly denouncing ISIL will show the group people– who believe all of Islam is violent and should be eliminated from the world- that all Muslims are neither extreme nor violent.

Some Muslims are extreme and violent, yes. But they do not represent the billions of other Muslims in the world and you shouldn’t let them.

There are many Non-Muslims who do believe ISIL represents all Muslims, and by the Muslims against ISIL remaining silent it is easy for those non-Muslims to have their false beliefs reaffirmed. 

Also, I agree Obama cannot be completely right in saying that ISIL is not Islamic, if ISIL claims to be Islamic, then they are Islamic

But don’t let the Islamic extremists define your entire religion. 

Speaking out for the billionth time is much better than saying nothing and allowing silent consent to what ISIL is doing.