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I recently read an article claiming Islamic apologists to be the current problem with Islam.

What I learned is that there are apologists for every religion in the world because a religious apologist, by definition is: someone who defends a religion, usually their own, by speech or writing.

Sounds like something everyone who is religious would do, right? Perhaps the Catholic man down the street tells his Jewish neighbor that his Jewish views suck? The Jewish man would certainly defend his religion.

It does’t have to be in such a hostile situation, but you get my point.

I think the problem is that people who are religious automatically assume they have to defend their religion against people of other religions and “nonbelievers”, which I think author Jeffrey Taylor proves in this piece.

He says that Atheists are not the problem because atheists never started wars since they don’t have a Bible or Qur’an to tell them to and blatantly attacks Islam instead of just attacking Reza Aslan for his supposed “Islamic apologetic” behavior.

However, I agree with Reza who says that anyone can make their own interpretations of scriptures, especially in the Qur’an because of its ubiquitous and imprecise way of telling Muslims how to conduct oneself – which is why we have various types of Muslims (Sunni‘s, Shi’a‘s, Sufi‘s, & Wahhabi‘s).

For example, The Qur’an often states for its followers to “do good” but never stays exactly what the good is. So different Muslims take to the Hadith, which is basically a complilation of the Prophet Muhammad’s life that one should also follow by. It is believed that the Prophet lived just as God wanted his followers to.

So a Sunni Muslim will respond differently from a Sufi Muslim to the Qur’an’s call to “do good” since their specific sects have different interpretations.

It’s useful to know the different sects of Islam, because there are a lot more than the four examples I give. And by knowing that they’re are different sects of Islam that interpret their scripture in a different way, it then becomes easier to understand why some Muslims like jihadists in ISIL are killing Sunni’s and Shi’a’s.

Although being somewhere between Atheist and agnostic myself, I believe the problem is not solely at the hands of Islamic apologists but anyone who is not willing to learn more about the religion and is not willing to speak out against ISIL even if they are Muslim.

In the bigger picture, Islamic or not, ISIL is committing atrocious human rights crimes and that is why humans should care. If Islamic apologists defend Islam but do not denounce ISIL then I believe they are wrong.

If atheists denounce the entire religion of Islam as well as ISIL then I believe they are also wrong.

Do you guys believe that the problem is with the religion of Islam itself and the Islamic apologists?