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(Before you read: I am registered republican, I was born Catholic, my health care insurance is through the roof, my parents own their own business, and I study journalism but seek BOTH sides of every story.)

I have recently found one of the best blog websites ever. This website contains some of the BEST republican, but “non-biased and completely truthful” opinions from across the US of A.

I recently found this article roaming around the website. I recommend this website for your entertainment. **If you don’t speak any sarcasm, I recommend you stop reading here.

Apparently “Eucharist Emperor Obama” controls the opinions of all people affiliated with the Democratic Party and spews out liberal bias on everything so that American’s are hidden from the truth.

The truth is: most people can’t handle the truth! People that want the ACTUAL truth know exactly where to find it, by avoiding certain journalists and news stations that are slightly opinionated and clearly affiliated.

The authors overall argument is that all democrat “loyalists” are BLIND.

If you consider yourself a Democrat (or can identity most with the party, or your voter registration card says democrat even though you never vote or care about politics) OR if you like Obama (even just a little bit), then you have no idea what is going on and ruin this country!

Do not worry though because all of the super friendly and open-minded republicans on redstate.com are gonna give you the truth! Because the truth can apparently only be set free on opinion blogs and we can no longer trust the news unless Rupert Murdoch owns it!

However, I still have some questions for the people that actually affiliate with the GOP:

This question seems to be the hardest, so it comes first: why do you really believe Islam is so violent?

Have you ever read any part of the actual Qur’an? Have you taken any religious studies courses in Islam? Have you ever paid attention to the Muslims around the world who denounce everything the Islamic state believes?

If you know nothing of Islam then how can you possibly say President Obama isn’t fit to combat ISIS with our military power because he thinks ISIS is not Islamic?

From what I understand, ignorance brings on such fears that most Republicans share when it comes to different religions like Islam.

Think of Islam just like you would with Christianity- does your normal, every day Christian condone the actions of the KKK? No! And do we assume all Christians are in favor of the KKK because members of the KKK claimed to be Christians and called themselves a Christian group? NO. Just because you are unfamiliar with a religion does not allow you to condemn all of its followers.

ISIS IS NOT ISLAMIC. <-If you believe this is false, please tell me why and answer my questions! If you believe this is true, look out for my next blog on “Islamic apologists”.