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(The sign right outside the door of the office. Photo by: Kayla Baines)

At Towson University there are four different study abroad programs, each with numerous countries to travel to!

I recently attended a study abroad information session with other students and found out all about the study abroad opportunities inside those four different programs.

“These information sessions are required for students who want to study abroad,” Amy Procaccini, a study abroad front desk worker and student, said. “After the session the students can then meet with advisors to discuss credits and when you can go.”

Seeing as the deadline for the summer and fall travel is always March 15th, there were only six other students with me at the session. All of these students were very excited to be talking about traveling with school and friends.

“I found the information sessions really helpful, especially when picking out where I was going and when,” Alexa Dellamonica, sophomore at Towson University said. Dellamonica is going to Australia during the Spring 2015 semester.

“I basically already knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do but you have to join an information session to move foreword, which is really exciting anyway,” Tyler Puryear, freshman at Towson University said. Puryear, also going to Australia, leaves this July and returns in November.

During the session all of the student had many general questions for the coordinators. Most students now are looking to study abroad in their sophomore or junior year of college.

“In March we are really busy since everyone applies then, but there are so many students that take advantage of studying abroad,” Procaccini said.

Procaccini also states that Australia and Spain are the two hottest study abroad destinations among Towson students and that the summer and fall semesters are the most popular times to go. She went to Australia herself for the fall semester last year and talked about her experience there to the other students.

Among the four different programs offered: TU Exchange, TU Program, TU Faculty-Led Program and Affiliate Program, there are also opportunities to work abroad and receive scholarships and financial aid for both.

All of the students working for the study abroad office have study abroad experience to share with all of the prospective students so they can get a better idea of where they want to go, correlating with their major and current credits.

The study abroad office also has resources for the families of the students who wish to travel abroad. This makes studying abroad easier for everyone involved and this way the office can answer all possible questions that parents and family members have.

As you walk through the fourth floor of the psychology building you can see all the study abroad and travel posters and many framed pictures of different countries. Just walking thought the hallway gets students excited and reminds them of why they want to study abroad.

Are you curious about studying abroad or have a lot of questions about traveling with Towson University? The best place to go is the International Programs office on the fourth floor of the Psychology building.