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On Monday morning Towson was covered with five inches of snow, and Towson University had closed the campus for the third time this year.


(Photo by: Kayla Baines) The view of the snow over Burdick field.

“I live so far from campus it is hard to get here when there is inclement weather but it is more inconvenient for the snow to cancel all classes because it messes up my teaching plans,” Barbara Klein, an education professor at Towson University said. “I only have three class of the same section and it only pushed us all back a day this time, I am confident we can catch up.” she continued.

This snow day only brought 5 inches of snow but Towson closed campus at 6:30 p.m. on the night before the snow even started. Last snow day, on Thursday, February 13th, there was 15.8 inches of snow on the ground. The campus was also closed on January 21st, during the minimester as finals came around.

Towson University has also experienced four delays of opening since the start of 2014. “I don’t mind delays so much because I can usually sleep in for once; but when it happens as much as it did this year it gets frustrating”. Erica Herdecker, a sophomore at Towson said.

Towson University’s website states that when there is inclement weather they announce a closing or delay via their homepage, text message, email, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and the local radio and TV station.