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(Photo Courtesy of the NFL)

Amber Theoharis is currently a co-host on NFL Total Access. Her career began at WBOC news in Salisbury, Md. Since then she has gained much respect throughout the sports journalism world to become the public figure she is today.

From University of Maryland, College Park she went on to be a sports talk radio host and sports reporter before joining MASN in 2007. With MASN, Theoharis engaged in sports casting for the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, did live reports before and after the games, wrote columns for PressBox, reported for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Report and also hosted another sports talk show called the A-List on Baltimore’s sports radio: 105.7.

In 2012, she left MASN to join the NFL Network, a cross-country move, and still today, works in Los Angeles. I have always followed Theoharis on twitter and wanted to know how social media like Twitter has affected her through her various positions of journalism and broadcast media.

Q: What is your preferred social media site?

A: “Twitter, no other one.”

Q: How has Twitter affected your job?

A: “It does not affect my job directly. If there was no Twitter tomorrow my job would not change. We mostly use it to interact with the audience and hear their thoughts. It’s also a quick way to promote things coming up on the show.”

Q: Would you say that Twitter has changed your profession positively?

A: “No, because I still go through proper sources like a traditional journalist. I am very old school when it comes to journalism. I do not think that social media has made the profession any better; if anything it has brought down the standard of journalism because anyone can say anything and gather followers. People that are not journalists think they are and they really don’t know the proper ethics of the profession.”

Q: How often do you keep up with your Twitter account?

A: “A couple times a day. Mostly reading other tweets as opposed to posting. I do keep up with other news articles but mostly to get the link to the main article, I can’t just read the news in 140 characters.”

Q: What are the disadvantages to using social media in your job?

A: “The people that are irresponsible, like the people that want to say things like journalists would but have not taken an ethics course. Those people on twitter say anything because they can hide behind the anonymity of Twitter whereas public figures, like myself, cannot do that.”