twittterAs news releases become more prominent online journalists now have to find a way to market their work and pull the audience in; social media is one way.

Writer James Breiner posted an article on this on (international journalists network). Breiner says that: “Journalists are realizing that it is becoming a job requirement for them to market their work. They have to pull the audience in, not just push the content out.”

He also stated that researchers are trying to find ways to determine how well an online article will do based on how people react to it on social media.

I find it very interesting how well journalists have adapted from print to online. And I agree that social media definitely can pull an audience in. Because people are often browsing on social media anyway and if they happen to see a really good lead posted as a tweet with a link to the article they will be intrigued enough to read further.

Another link to the full article.