I recently went to an Orioles Game at Camden Yards, as I do so much every year. But for this game, instead of focusing on the score and statistics, I focused on the public relations strategies that Orioles PR Relations Professionals used.IMG_0120


I believe the absolute best public relations strategy that the Orioles PR team uses is the promotion of special events. Throughout the entire baseball season, every year, the Orioles have at least 10 different promotional/ special events hosted at the games! I went to the game where I received a 2013 schedule and a car magnet, which I go to this specific game every year for this.

They give out promotional schedules and have banners and signs put up all throughout the entire stadium promoting different special events for that month! They get your attention with free merchandise or special autographs, or events like post-game fire works. Sometimes, they get fans attention by lowered ticket prices. All of these promotions are a lot more likely to gain more fans to those specific games.

I think this is a very successful strategy to gain more fans attending the games because it gives fans a chance to receive something or do something they would not normally have the chance to do. And it is still successful for fans like me, who go to any game, any time of the season, just to watch them play. We are more likely to also participate in those special events in the hopes for something new.

Since I was 9 years old, every season, my father would take me to at least one promotional “Bobble-Head” night, and I have had a collection of them since. So, I know by personal experience how successful they are because I have participated in them for a long time now. 

I believe they also use propaganda, especially on the Jumbo-Tron set. Before, during, and after the games the Jumbo-Tron continually advertises different events for the Orioles happening at Camden Yards or variously places around Maryland. This Jumbo-Tron also advertises products sold at the stadium and promotes trips to the Spring Training facility down in Sarasota, Florida.

The Jumbo-Tron is also very successful because it is so big that everyone in the stadium can see it at all times. It can sometimes be a form of intrusive advertising, but it never disrupts the game, only between innings. And since patrons do not have much else to do in between innings, why not look at the Jumbo-Tron and see what it has to promote to the entire audience? Also, after the games the Jumbo-Tron will state see you next time, where to get your next tickets, and their slogan “See you at the Yard!” and any other relevant slogans.

This of course, is so people can return for more games, buying more tickets and merchandise, further helping the Baltimore Orioles franchise. And they, like most other major league teams, are very successful in keeping their fans coming back!