Last December I saw the movie: Looper. Originally, my only interest was seeing the movie for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, although, I was not surprised by the twist in the plot- or by the film’s product placement.

Every character in this movie had some type of Mazda and Pepsi products were sold in all places. Seeing as how this movie was set in 2044 it seems that these two products are products of the future.

In the year 2044, Joe is working for a group called Loopers. These Loopers work for the mob and kill people for them that they send back in time from the year 2074. Joe recognizes his self at one of these killings and hesitates so his older self runs free. 

The movie is a chase of older Joe running from the current Loopers, who are trying to kill him, looking for a man called the Rainmaker- trying to kill him before this man kills Joe’s wife in the future year of 2074. Younger Joe is reluctant to help his older self because the mob could turn and kill him too. In this high action movie, I believe the viewers noticed all the fast little Mazda’s driving around the most.


How can the audience forget the action packed scenes with such nice cars? I believe seeing the actor’s drive around in a certain type car in a movie that is set in the future is definitely attractive to viewers. These consumers can then believe and be more persuaded to buy some type of Mazda in the near future.


I also believe that Pepsi did great advertising for the advertisers and producers. Seeing the Pepsi logo, along with their products, on this movie set makes the viewers not only want to drink Pepsi now, but they will also be more likely to drink it, over Coke in the future.

Also, if Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as the movie character, admitted he preferred Pepsi as his choice of soft drink, I would definitely, in turn, prefer Pepsi to Coke. Just because he said he preferred it and I am a big fan of his.

The advertisers of these two companies wanted to put their products in a movie like this because they knew it would have a lot of views. With a director like Rian Johnson and major actors like Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, it was destined to sell!


So, if a lot of people are projected to view a movie of course advertisers want their product in the movie for all those consumers to see! Also, on the movie producers side, perhaps they believed with many Mazda and Pepsi enthusiasts out there, maybe with those two products in the movie those enthusiasts would now be more likely to go see the movie! 

So, with the product placement in the movie Looper it is a win- win for the movie producers, advertisers, and viewers alike.