How useful are websites? Various websites have different uses. Some people hold social networking sites above informational sites and vice versa. Do you know how effective informative sites are? How about CNN’s complimentary website that follows their 24 hour news channel? I have found CNN’s website very helpful, not to only frequent viewers but also to people who do not watch the news on the Television.

While watching Piers Morgan I visited on my laptop to read up on some other articles. What I found out was how convenient it was to be able to read a current story in more detail. Even better so because Piers Morgan was currently talking about that same story. Hearing his view and reading the article from an online contributor was really helpful to understanding the situation more. 

The design is very user friendly. It offers different international sets and languages, sections of the news, and their trends. It is very easy to navigate through all the sections, articles, and videos. I also noticed there is a “Featured TV” section that can tell you which show on CNN is coming on next on any of their channels! It is also possible to search any article via the search bar. This website is the best way to get all of your news from CNN- even better than watching the actually TV channel!


CNN’s front webpage has all the top stories and videos currently running on TV. It also has plenty of pictures around which are really good for navigating through articles. The best parts about the front webpage are all the sections of the news split up into specialized content (i.e. World, Living, Sports). Also, there is a spot for the current weather in your area and a spot for current market standings from CNN Money. 

CNN also keeps their website up to date with constant streams of “This Just In” articles. There is always breaking news popping up, keeping its viewers in the know. CNN leans more to the Liberal side of the political spectrum but their articles bring out all sides of the story. They interpret news with the facts and part of their political views. Even though their views are more Liberal, these views are the currently more popular political views in our country.

With all of the articles, any signed-in member can comment on them. There are so many articles written from various contributors, which let us read about events from many views. So, with all of these views you can comment on these articles and state your own ideas and views on a certain story. Who does not like to put their own view into a political discussion?!

CNN offers different types of articles that give its viewers a different way to learn about a current event. These varying types of articles are great for catching the attention of a wide audience. I love all of the videos they offer all over their website. Having the television channels that they do allows them to use their own material, and to add more in depth videos that did not have enough time to be shown on air

I truly believe that CNN’s website is very successful, not only to its die-hard fans but also to people who just love to stay informed with the news. One thing I wish that CNN would add to their website is to add more sections to their CNN: México so that spanish speaking people can get more information on current events! Other than that CNN has everything I could ask for, which is why it is my favorite news provider.