You cannot go without media. You can try to avoid it but media is like cat in your house; you can voluntarily seek it out and play with it but even when you’re not playing with the cat it’s still there, just laying about- you just ignore it.

I have personally went about 7 hours without media! Pretty impressive, besides the fact that I was in class and then work for most of that time. But not checking Twitter or Pinterest? Not being able to listen to music to walk to class or to help me sleep? Not being able to communicate with anyone via my phone or laptop, not watching TV or hearing any news! This was hard.

After this experience I realized that I have to use my phone to communicate and check the time and that I have to listen to music at some part of my day. However, it was surprisingly easy to stay off Twitter for a full day, even more so easy for FaceBook. Avoiding some type of music whether it be your own or hearing it from a car or from your roommate is unavoidable- or involuntary.

In the hours I tried to avoid the media all that I consumed was involuntary. I quickly realized how much I involuntarily consume media from the people and ads around me, so I knew there was not going to be a day without it. Everyone has to face media everyday, no doubt. The fine line is between what media are voluntary and involuntary.

There are advantages to the time you spend without media. First off, you actually have more time for face to face interaction. You also, have less distractions while trying to do homework. Without wasting away two hours in front of the TV, you can make it to the gym! Another big advantage is: without using all those apps on your phone, the battery last longer.

Some disadvantages are not being able to be in the know with whats happening with your friends or around the world. Without social networking or being able to read articles or watch the news, we are terribly ignorant. Another disadvantage was that while I had to voluntarily go without my media(i.e. music, TV shows) I had to involuntarily watch or listen to other peoples music, their TV shows or their video games. Not ideal.

To go without media feels primitive. To take things in your life that have become habits and to try to stop them all together feels empty. The hours I successfully went without media was something new to me. I had more time for other things but I couldn’t help but to feel like something was missing. Listening to music, watching TV, pinning on Pinterest, and reading articles have all become apart of my daily life, and I’d prefer to not have to go without them.

From this I see how much modern societies rely on mass media, but it is not exactly a bad thing. Media informs us, entertains us, and even shapes our attitudes and beliefs. We can’t avoid media so we all might as well go with the flow and consume it! Voluntarily and involuntarily we will always stay connected to the world and what is happening around us.