Salon Magazine Analysis


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I have occasionally read Salon articles from Facebook and Twitter but I never really thought about what they do as an online magazine and what their goals are for their readers. Surprisingly, Salon’s audience is primarily male, college educated and making almost $100,000 a year. Their median age for readers is 36 years old. Besides the specific ads targeted to me, one ad I saw was for a technology-consulting firm. The magazine seems to be more aimed and agreeable to Democrats and more specifically, democrats who are also in the millennial generation as well. For example, there was a second video ad all about how we “like” things on Facebook and finally in the end, they say its time to start loving things like this new Chevrolet. So you can tell they are definitely reaching towards people in their late 20s and 30s- who can afford a new Chevy at least.

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National Geographic


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National Geographic is very unique indeed.

  The National Geographic is aimed at not only males (who are the majority of their readers) but females too. Who are around the age of 40 years old, and have a median household income of about $70,000. And according to their media kit, only about 40% of them graduated from college. There are a lot of car and medicine advertisements, which usually is geared towards a middle-aged audience. Cars more towards men however, there is also a Twinning’s tea advertisement, which I think, is more of a feminine advertisement, although, anyone at any age drinks tea.

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Finding fitness motivation from social media

The Charm City Chat

As a college student I don’t normally recommend a workout guide and meal plan to my friends because I think we all have more practical things to spend our money on.

So I’m not here to tell you to go spend some money but I am recommending you follow a personal trainer on Instagram & Twitter.

Kayla Itsines is now a global sensation! She’s been changing the lives of women everywhere! Her 24-week Bikini Body guide and nutrition guide has lead to massive fitness success stories.

Along with her Instagram, her blog gives women the advice and motivation they need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Kayla Itsines. (Photo from Instagram: @kayla_itsines) Kayla Itsines. (Photo from Instagram: @kayla_itsines)

I do not have her workout or nutrition guides. I do get the occasional email of a quick, free BBG workout but that is all. And yet she changed my life two years ago.

I no longer go…

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What happened when I changed my workout routine from night to morning

The Charm City Chat

I like a routine. I prefer doing everything as according to plan with little to no surprises. However, being a college student makes my routine change with the seasons.

Two weeks after my last final exam I decided to start regularly working out again at nightat least three times a week.

I tried to keep reasonable expectations for myself.

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Why traveling is always an enlightening experience


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When I was in the fifth grade, my last year of Catholic Community school in Baltimore city, I used to sit in church almost every other day and just look around at all the students and think why are we here?

Why do we sing to and ask someone we have never met, and never will meet, for peace and good health? I never felt comfortable in church and only went because school and my grandmother forced me to for years.

This morning I received an email from Emirates offering a round-trip and hotel package from Dulles to Dubai at a discounted rate. OH PLEASE CAN I GO?

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You Are Not a North Cyprus Girl

Stained Glass

An open letter in response to Martina Cole’s recent article in Woman and Home Magazine, where she discusses her home in the north of Cyprus. My quotations are from Martina Cole’s 2012 Daily Mail feature and the article she posted a photograph of on Facebook on May 8th 2015, (both concerning Cyprus) and from her Twitter account. I address her portrayal of Occupied Cyprus as a charmed land and a tourist destination.

My grandmother was a North Cyprus girl. Her village was as far north as you can get, in the Pentadaktilon Mountain range, North of Kyrenia. It is called Agios Amvrosios, (Saint Ambrose) and its local fruit is the apricot. She won’t ever see her village or her subsequent homes in Kyrenia and Famagusta again because she passed away in 2003, and although it was in 1974 that Turkish troops advanced into the north of Cyprus, refugee Cypriots are…

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The last guest speaker


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Today, writer Ramsey Flynn came to class to talk about his personal narrative “You haven’t lived until you’ve died”.

He gave advice on how to make a personal narrative interesting to your audience. He says the best way to pull a person into your personal narrative story is to start with the conflict and build it right away.

Next, throughout the story keep adding more twists to the conflict and never let your readers expect the ending. But lastly, always satisfy the conflict in the end.

Flynn also gave us advice on how to transform your experiences into a story to tell your readers. For his story he went back to all his surgeons and other nurses/ doctors who may have been around his procedure or have done a similar operation on someone else.

Flynn also interviewed all his family members, especially his wife, to get important details that he may not have remembered. He said he probably did between 80-100 interviews to get his story 100% right.

This particular story took him years to put together and to make everything factual and perfect.

After Flynn’s visit I am uncertain about my personal narrative topic and am trying to find another story in my life that could be better told and more interesting to my audience.

This class has been very helpful in the way of meeting experienced journalists and getting to know more about writing that does not come from a textbook.


A trip to Mt. Vernon


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“I’ve lived here my whole life, I love this neighborhood,” Alvaro Roman, co-owner of Ted’s Musicians Shop, was sitting behind his desk with a black beanie and a heavy jacket. It was the coldest day in February and Mt. Vernon was covered in snow and ice.

Until recently, I had never been to Mt. Vernon. I have driven through the neighborhood but never stopped to eat or check out any shops or museums.

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A visit from Andrea McDaniels


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Andrea McDaniels from the Baltimore Sun came to speak to my feature writing class today.

She came to talk about her latest project Collateral Damage and some of her best writing tips.

Collateral Damage is a three-part series for the Baltimore Sun on violence in Upton/ Druid Hill and how it affects people.

The first part was about the young children who often suffer from PTSD, the second was on families struggling to help victims of the violence and the last part was about family members dealing with grief over a loss of a loved one to violence in the neighborhood.

The project came out of one article she was writing that she felt like had too much information and that the article “was everywhere”. Her media editor helped straighten the story but together, they also came up with a way to expand it.

She found most of her sources through the social workers in that neighborhood’s schools because Upton/ Druid Hill is not an area a reporter can really walk around all day and ask questions.

It took McDaniels a full year to report and write the three-part project.

Some of her best advice was to always make variation in sentence length and to put the most interesting idea last in a sentence or paragraph.

“Writing never gets easier,” McDaniels repeated throughout her visit. But she also said that writing is a craft and can always be improved. Editors and random writing tips will always help a journalist for every story.

It was nice to finally have a female reporter come to class to talk but every visitor has given great advice that I will take with me through my last year at Towson and on to my first job.